For freight that doesn’t require a lot of space, Less-Than-Truckload is perfect!

The Less-Than-Truckload freight hauling options from P&A Grace Ventures can help you ship whatever you need to at an incredibly low price. And there’s another benefit that comes with LTL shipping from P&A Grace – Owner/Operators. That’s who you’ll be working with from start to finish and that’s a win for your freight!

Simple Processes

Unlike many of the other trucking companies out there, P&A Grace doesn’t make you jump through hoops or stand around waiting for the help you need!

Putting Safety First

While getting freight where it needs to go as quickly as possible is the goal, we never sacrifice safety to come out on top. Safe trucking is what we do.

Trucking Solutions

  • Full-Truckload Freight

    Sometimes you need to ship something large or unorthodox. Sometimes you need to ship a great deal of something. In both cases, the Full-Truckload options from P&A Grace Ventures are the ideal solution.

  • Partial-Truckload Freight

    The Partial-Truckload freight options from P&A Grace Ventures offer the perfect way to ship those odd-sized shipments. This is the shipping method of choice for a variety of oil and gas concerns across Texas.

  • Less-Than-Truckload Freight

    For all those occasions when you just need to deliver a smaller load to its destination, the Less-Than-Truckload options from P&A Grace Ventures are priced right and ready to go at a moment’s notice!

Special Solutions

P&A Grace Ventures understands at times there may be special circumstances under which you need to ship freight – whether in Texas or outside its borders. In these situations, we extend special considerations.

  • Scheduled delivery times.
  • Assist with insurance coverage.
  • Adhere to custom delivery routes.
  • Custom loading and unloading processes.