At P&A Grace Ventures, we haul all sorts of things for customers who are as wide ranging as the materials we carry for them. The best answer to any question like this is a quick call to our team at (432) 209-0895.

Yes. P&A Grace specializes in whatever distance you need covered so if it’s a short haul to the nearby oilfield or a long haul to a neighboring state we can handle it for you at a price the other companies wouldn’t even offer.

There are two ways to get an estimate from P&A Grace Ventures for your hauling needs. First, you can call (432) 209-0895 at any time. Second, you can complete a simple contact form via our website. It’s that easy!

The P&A Grace Ventures estimate process is straightforward and uses four key points to arrive at a price – shipping origin and destination, weight, current fuel costs and any protocols required for safe shipping on roadways.

They do. We would love nothing more than to offer estimates that stay relevant forever but due to the shifting costs of fuel that’s an impossibility. P&A Grace Ventures offers estimates that remain in effect for 24 hours.

Weight plays a key role in our pricing for one reason – fuel costs. The heavier a load we’re tasked with hauling, and the longer the distance, requires a greater fuel load to handle so as weight goes up costs go up with it.

P&A Grace Ventures maintains carrier liability insurance so your freight or materials will be covered to some extent. However, policies are capped at a preset amount so supplemental insurance may be required.

Yes. P&A Grace Ventures owns the trucks we operate. That means you’ll always be dealing with the person in charge of that equipment and can trust that they maintain it properly. This is a big plus for our customers.

The drivers at P&A Grace follow all safety regulations attached to our industry and obey traffic laws at all times. This ensures freight gets to its destinations safely and on time – both of which matter to your bottom line.

While we’re not actively recruiting at this time, we’d love to hear from you and learn more about your experience and skill set. It may be that a position could be found for the right person at the right time so reach out!

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With road transport options to fit any need, P&A Grace Ventures is ready to serve you at a moment’s notice!

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